About Us

Stonesoup Communication

The BEST social media partner of SME 

The key to success in the new age of Web 2.0 is having a good use on the social media platform, which aims to attract more “thumbs up” for your own. Hiring a full time expert to handle the duties of social media planning and promotions, however, is a way that will consume higher expenses for the company. In view of this situation, the purpose of Stonesoup Communication, which has been established since 2014, is assisting the small and medium enterprises, institutions and organizations to made to measure for the their needs and budgets on the planning of promotion via different social media, which includes Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, WeChat, Web, eShop and Google Adwords.


The implied meaning of “Stonesoup” is having a beneficial Win-Win cooperation with our partners and clients, we wish to archive this goal by creating the values through technology, creativity and the Internet.